Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And yet the bad weather continues...

Now that it has stopped snowing and the snow is gone, the temperature is rising, and all the snow in the mountains is melting. Add that to the amount of rainfall we are getting right now...and you get floods! The Puyallup River is rising, worse than it has in years, and the town of Orting has been evacuated, as well as parts of Sumner. I left for my PE class at the college's new fitness center this morning (classes started monday), and coming down the hill from Bonney Lake, found out that 4-10 was shut down due to water over the road. So I was detoured the only other way I could get to school, and ended up a half hour late for my class...kinda embarrasing, but at least I made it for the last half. On the way to school though, I had to cross a bridge over the Puyallup river, and man was the water high and fast. I've been listening to the news, and I guess there have been all sorts of things floating down the river, including large trees. I have never seen that river look that treacherous! So after my class, I drove to work, (and am currently on dinner break), and my boss told me to leave after only two hours of being here, in order to make it home safely! I called my parents, and 4-10, of course, is still closed, but now my only other way home is down through the valley, on roads through Sumner/Orting, which have been evacuating (so there is still massive traffic from people trying to get out), and I would have to cross the bridge over the river again, which is NOT a good plan. So I am stranded tonight. I can't get home, so I am driving to the Bovenkamp's house (between Meridian and Cannon in South Hill), and will stay there tonight, so that way I won't have to drive through the valley and lots of water :P Thank goodness Mrs. Bovenkamp also has a lot of food allergies and will have food at the house I can actually eat. So I won't starve luckily! I have no idea how long I will be there, i might not even be able to get home tomorrow....Orting and parts of Sumner are supposed to be under water at around 10 tonight! So I could be stranded for days...who knows...hopefully they have some clothes I can borrow too! haha Yeah, but this year is certainly crazy as far as weather goes! I just feel bad for all these people who live in the valley and have to deal with flooded homes!

Anyway...dinner break is over....back to work...I'm hoping my 37-year-old stalker doesn't show up tonight!