Saturday, December 20, 2008

There's a storm a brewin'

So, as if we don't already have enough interesting weather conditions...there is a storm coming started snowing again around one today, and they let me leave work at three because I have a long drive home, and it took me twice as long as usual to get home...the roads were already starting to get a bit slick, and it was snowing pretty hard by the time I reached Bonney Lake. Actually, I was lucky I even arrived at work this morning...the main roads are fine, but I couldn't get off our road very easily. When you back out of my driveway, you have to drive up an incline, which is bothersome on the ice. My wheels kept spinning and I kept sliding backwards. My dad tried pushing, and that didn't work either, because our road was too icy, he couldn't plant his feet! So I had to keep backing up down to the flat part of our dead-end road to get a running start at it, and after about five tries, my car barely made it over the top of the hill. So I arrived to work, and it was HECTIC all day, we had so many people in today...everyone wanted to drop off library items and pick up dvds and music in case of getting stuck at home in the storm! So yes, it was a crazy busy day. I was happy to come home, and get here safely, I only slid around once time coming home :) I guess for the storm tonight there is supposed to be a lot of wind, especially around Enumclaw, Buckley area...the foothills. And I am on the Bonney-Lake, Buckley border, so yeah...I am expecting our power to go yesterday I did a ton of laundry, and some baking just to get prepared for being out of power for a few days! So yes...we are ready for the storm... I am sad that church tomorrow is cancelled though due to bad weather, although I would not have been able to get there anyway, not if there is more ice coming!

Last night, I went with a few people to a musical called "Scrooge" at a very large church in Tacoma, they put on the musical every year, and it is really well done, great singing, acting and set, etc. It was a very fun evening.

I am possibly going to get to go sledding tomorrow afternoon with some friends in Buckley...if I can convince them to drive the four minutes it takes to come pick me up, seeing as I doubt I will be able to get there myself. I hope I get to though, I haven't gotten to do anything in the snow this year sledding, no snowman, no snowball fights...well maybe I have thrown one or two snowballs :)

Anyway...chances are our power is going if no one hears from me for a few days, everyone stay safe and warm and go have some fun in the snow before it melts!

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satire and theology said...

'Sure I have seen street performers, but as a musician myself (a fiddler)'

Hi, I tried to post a comment on your other blog, but it would not let me. It takes guts to play the music as a busker.

I have been to Dublin once in 1995. One of my favourite places to visit. It is clean and historical.

I am Russ, I live in Vancouver but have UK citizenship and lived in Manchester for two years. My PhD in Theology/Philosophy of Religion is almost done via Wales. I am interested in meeting people online concerning theology and socially.

Russ Murray (Facebook) Vancouver



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